about us

the story of peace & blessings

about us

Peace & Blessings was launched in 2017. The stationery boutique saw a space for inclusive British design to celebrate non-mainstream festivals, and fill it with beautifully crafted gifts and stationery. With a background in user-centred design, the team creates meaningful products with an environmental and ethical conscience.


our products

Our products are design-led, responsibly sourced and bring traditional craftsmanship together with the latest production techniques. Every single piece is created and crafted in the UK. We use the finest materials selected for their long-term sustainable credentials. Our ethos reflects our commitment of pursuing excellence, ethical practice, and environmental and social responsibility.



Peace and Blessings is a brand and trademark owned by Peace & Blessings Ltd, a private limited company incorporated in the UK in 2016. Our registered company number is 10493179 and our registered address is 30 Nelson Street, Leicester, LE1 7BA.